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We produce photovoltaic modules:

steps of the production cycle

Controlled and selected photovoltaic cells


Controlled and selected photovoltaic cells

The production step

The production cycle of our photovoltaic modules consists of different stages, all followed by specialized technicians and aimed at the production of high-yield photovoltaic modules. The production areas are all kept under controlled humidity, in order to guarantee the perfect conservation of the materials before lamination.


Production step

Welding and rolling

Following the loading of the glass and the deposit of the first sheet of EVA in a completely automatic way, the stringer machines join the cells with millesimal precision and prepare the strings, which will be delicately deposited by an anthropomorphic robot to be joint together. Once this stage has been completed, the second sheet of EVA and the black sheet have been placed on the back of the prelaminated, the panel will be automatically transported to the laminator which, by extracting the air and carrying out the high-temperature lamination cycle, will complete this first important production stage for the composition of the laminate.


Final steps to complete the cycle

Trimming, framing and electrical tests

Once trimmed automatically, it the laminate is framed with specific anodized aluminium profiles.

Once the junction box is also assembled, the modules, now finished, will be 100% tested with modern and certified machinery (continuity test, solar simulation and electroluminescence).


Final step


This stage is important to uniquely identify each module, reporting the serial number already entered inside the sandwich and all the data detected by the solar simulator and class to which it corresponds.

Even the packaging, carried out with particular care, will show the serial numbers of the contained modules, thus allowing to complete the traceability of the product from the beginning to the end of the production process.

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